Sensystem trading system

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, our trading system is perfect for you to trade online. It is easy to use and designed to deliver superior results.

Trade the financial markets with the best investment system

  • Watch live quotes broadcast from the order book
  • Get notified of price changes
  • Place limit, market, stop-market, stop-limit and take-profit orders

What makes our trading system special?

Don't miss any great deal! Sensystem has made trading accessible and mobile.


No need to download and install additional software


Professional analytical tools at your fingertips


Designed to quickly and easily manage your investments


The ability to customize trading charts according to personal preferences.

You can achieve anything with Sensysystem

  • 50 technical indicators
  • 4 different types of zoom modes
  • More than 40 available charts
  • Charting system with 21 timeframes.

Success starts with Sensystem

Smart system for smart investors
The Sensystem web-based trading platform is intuitive and easy to use. At the same time, it provides access to more advanced tools for more experienced traders. Our trading system is one of the most trusted platforms in the world. It is fully compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. This is a version of the trading terminal allowing you to trade and analyze financial markets without downloading and installing software. Enjoy on-the-go trading right on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop anywhere, anytime.

Trade whenever you feel comfortable, wherever you are!